Captain Superlative Cast

CAPTAIN SUPERLATIVE: A young girl, dying of cancer
JANEY: A young girl who narrates the story
TYLER: A handsome, young man
DAGMAR: A soccer player who bullies other students
PAIGE: A young girl who is often bullied
APRIL: A soccer player
FATHER: Janey’s good-natured father; a widower
NEW KID: A new kid in school
KEVIN: A student in a wheelchair
CAITLYN’S MOTHER: Captain Superlative’s mother
CAITLYN’S FATHER: Captain Superlative’s father (non-speaking)
DAGMAR’S FATHER: Dagmar’s abusive father

(Additional non-speaking students can be added as needed by a director.)

ACTOR 1: Captain Superlative
ACTOR 2: Janey
ACTOR 3: Tyler, Father, Kevin, Caitlyn’s Father, Dagmar’s Father
ACTOR 4: Dagmar
ACTOR 5: Paige
ACTOR 6: April, New Kid, Caitlyn’s Mother

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