Clara & the Nutcracker Cast

DROSSELMEYER: An old scientist; comic duo
FRITZ: An old magician; comic duo
BROTHER: A bratty child; doubles as Monterey, a citizen, and Apsara 1
SISTER: A bratty child; doubles as Jack, a citizen, and Apsara 2
CLARA: The Principal Girl; a rough and tumble young lady who swordfights much better than she dances
MOTHER: Clara’s put-upon mother; doubles as Cheddar, a citizen, and Apsara 3
PRINCESS MARIE: A princess who looks just like Clara
MONTEREY: A high-kicking rat
JACK: A tap-dancing rat
CHEDDAR: A ballet-dancing rat
RAT KING: The villain; an evil rat
SUGAR PLUM FAIRY: The Dame; the Nutcracker’s fairy godmother
NUTCRACKER: The Prince of the Land of Sweets, cursed to be a nutcracker
CITIZENS: The citizens of the land of sweets
APSARAS: Three spirit dancers

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