MASK Synopsis

In the HR department for the Municipal Association of Superheroes of Kansas (MASK), Janice is getting ready for her last meeting of the day. She chats with Aegis, a hero from the Planet of Warrior Women, about her upcoming high school reunion, which she is dreading. She just doesn’t feel she’s accomplished enough in her life. Brandon, a shy IT guy, pays a visit to flirt with Janice, but they’re interrupted when the superhero Stormy Knight bursts in for his meeting with Janice.

Outside of Janice’s office, Aegis confronts Brandon about why he’s wearing a disguise. It’s revealed that Brandon is actually Super Steel, a superhero. Brandon argues that he’s not in disguise. He just wants to be himself and be treated like a normal person. Back in Janice’s office, Stormy Knight defends his latest dress code violation, reminding Janice of the rumor that the super villain, Doctor Destructo is back in town. Janice scolds him and sends him on his way. Brandon returns to find her dejectedly looking at the Facebook posts of her friends from high school. She tries to sound upbeat about the reunion, but she really isn’t. When Brandon commiserates, Janice invites him to go as her date to the reunion. Flustered, Brandon agrees.

Brandon and Janice arrive at the reunion, where they’re greeted by a very pregnant Aubrey, the former prom queen and head of the reunion committee. Janice also reconnects with her best friend from school, Peggy. The two of them drifted apart over the years, Peggy struggling to reinvent herself after all the bullying she received from Aubrey. In the middle of their conversation, though, Janice spots Aegis and Stormy Knight. She confronts them, demanding to know what they’re doing at the reunion. Stormy Knight reveals he received a tip that Doctor Destructo was hiding out somewhere nearby. Aubrey, angry that the superheroes are causing a scene at the reunion, tries to get them to leave, growing increasingly uncomfortable by Aegis’ obvious attraction to her.

An earthquake rocks the gymnasium and the doors are twisted and stuck together. Aegis offers to use her super strength to open them, but before she can try, she’s hit by a stun gun that belongs to Doctor Destructo, who enters, declaring that no one is leaving the building. It turns out that Doctor Destructo is actually Peggy. She manages to take the entire reunion hostage, although she offers to let Janice escape. Janice declines. She won’t leave her friends behind.

Peggy explains the real reason she’s come is to exact revenge on Aubrey for a rumor that Aubrey started about her in high school. As Peggy is about to attack Aubrey, Janice blurts out an obscure HR rule regarding the treatment of pregnant women in the workplace. Jumping on the bandwagon, Aegis points out that since Aubrey isn’t a superhero, what Peggy’s really dealing with is an HR problem that only Janice can mediate. Peggy finds the whole thing absurd, but out of friendship to Janice—and convinced Janice will rule in her favor—she agrees to an HR arbitration.

Hoping to cling to standard procedure before things get out of hand, Janice has each of them sit down to write out a list of grievances against the other. As they write, Aegis asks Brandon to break her out. He manages to get Aegis free, but while Stormy Knight wants to try to take down Peggy, Aegis argues that they must let Janice try to arbitrate the situation. It’s important to her. Aubrey and Peggy return to bring their complaints against one another. Aubrey’s is simply that Peggy is trying to kill her. Peggy however, brings up the issue of the rumor Aubrey started; that Peggy and Janice were lovers. It caused a complete downward spiral of Peggy’s entire life, since she was kicked out by her religious parents. Aubrey eventually owns up to the rumor and Peggy attacks her. Aubrey’s pregnant belly ends up askew. She reveals that she’s not pregnant at all, and that she has a pillow stuffed up her dress. Her husband left her and she’s been a closeted lesbian, trying to live a lie.

Realizing that Aubrey has more problems than she does, Peggy decides that she doesn’t want to kill her after all. Everyone is prepared to walk away from the whole mess, except for Stormy Knight who points out that Peggy is still a supervillain. They debate it for a few moments, before Peggy and Stormy Knight agree to go outside and have a good, old-fashioned fight. Aegis and Aubrey, meanwhile, sneak out to make out. Brandon apologizes to Janice for not telling her the truth about his identity, but Janice tells him that she already knew. After all, she processes all the HR intake forms and she signs his paychecks. Brandon is thoroughly embarrassed, but Janice admits that she still likes him.