Mercy Cast

PRIEST: An old man who presides over Mercy’s funeral.
GEORGE BROWN: A simple Rhode Island farmer. In his late 40s.
EDWIN BROWN: George’s only son. In his late teens or early 20s. Sickly and dying of consumption.
WOMAN AT FUNERAL: A friend of the Brown Family.
THOMAS EVERETT: A young man in his early 20s. Very charming. Very physically fit.
MERCY BROWN: George’s daughter, recently deceased. About nineteen years old, but will be younger in flashbacks.
DOCTOR METCALF: Exeter’s physician. In his late 50s.
OLIVE BROWN: George’s eldest daughter, seen only in flashback. Her age ranges from her early childhood to late teens.
MARY BROWN: George’s wife. In her late 30s. Sickly and dying of consumption.
ENSEMBLE: Mourners, villagers, etc. May be double cast from named characters.

ACTOR 1: George
ACTOR 2: Edwin
ACTOR 3: Thomas, Mourner
ACTOR 4: Priest, Doctor Metcalf
ACTOR 5: Woman at Funeral, Mary
ACTOR 6: Olive, Mourner
ACTOR 7: Mercy, Mourner