Once Upon A Crime Synopsis

It’s Prince Charming’s birthday and a statue is being dedicated to him. Two knights, Billy and Dee, exchange barbs and comment on the situation. Their boss, Lancelot, has been charged with the task of making sure the guests know proper protocol. It’s beneath his dignity, but he will perform the task as honorably as possible, under the supervision of the prince’s two wives. Sleeping Beauty, however, keeps falling asleep and every time she does, Lancelot and Rapunzel steal kisses on the sly and talk about what Lancelot really wants to be doing with his time. Namely, slaying monsters and getting credit for it.

Prince Charming arrives with Cinderella on his arm. She’s flighty, babbling endlessly about the latest in fashion and showing off her new shoes. No one seems to get along; not with Cinderella, not with Prince Charming. He dismisses Cinderella, orders Lancelot around like a servant, treats Rapunzel like a child, and pretty much just steps over Sleeping Beauty any time she falls asleep. He eventually leaves to admire his own reflection.

Mother Gothel appears, along with her pet troll, Fritz. She’s very kind and grandmotherly to all of the other characters. In fact, they all seem quite glad to see her. But when Prince Charming shows up, she vows to repay him and his entire kingdom for what he did to her. It comes off as a threat. This throws all of the other characters into chaos until Lancelot restores order and decides it’s time for the first course.

Lancelot and Rapunzel steal a moment together. Rapunzel wants to run away and marry Lancelot, but he will have none of it. Eloping means abandoning his duties and his honor and he just can’t live that way. Rapunzel is broken-hearted. Prince Charming enters and starts ordering her around. She’s a bit stubborn about it and he throws all of his great deeds (which Lancelot performed) in her face. As she starts to leave, she accidentally trips Cinderella. Cinderella yells at her and demands Prince Charming make her apologize. He doesn’t.

After Rapunzel leaves, Cinderella complains about the fact that he hasn’t left his wives for her. He promises that he will and, to prove he’s serious, assures her that he’s changed his will so that she’ll inherit everything, swearing on one of his great deeds. Lancelot can’t take it anymore, pointing out that he was the one who knew how to distract the troll with fish and that he was the one who knew the sorcerer was only pretending to be asleep. A person can’t swallow in their sleep. And he was the one who fought the battle. The Prince coldly reminds him of his place and his honor.

Mother Gothel returns, carrying a large, wrapped gift. She says she wants to give it to the Prince, as a token of her esteem. Although everyone views this as some kind of threat, she insists that she’s grateful for the time she spent locked away, because it meant she had time to really reflect on her life. Eventually, the Prince forces Sleeping Beauty to open the box. She falls asleep, dropping the box, and the contents shatters. Inside the box are the broken shards of a mirror. To better enhance the Prince’s self-reflection. Prince Charming, however, is more interested in admiring his hair. Annoyed that he’s not getting the point, Mother Gothel causes all the lights to go out. There is massive confusion. When the lights return, the Prince is dead, stabbed by a shard of the mirror. Someone is a murderer!

The survivors convene to try to figure out who killed Prince Charming, Billy and Dee taking the lead on the investigation. As they review the facts, they unravel the mystery of whodunit. And there are three possible endings!

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