Crayons Sample

Note: Gender does not matter for any of the roles (pronouns can be switched as needed), nor does age; the only real requirement is that Flesh must be played by a performer of color.


(LIGHTS RISE. The space is made up to be a box of crayons on an arts-and-crafts shelf. The shelf belongs to a single child in a single home. There is nothing beyond art supplies. The outside world is a terror that remains unseen. Yellow enters, peering around a corner before he nervously creeps onto the stage.)

YELLOW: H-hello? Is anyone here yet? (beat) Somebody? (beat) Anybody?

(No answer. Yellow carefully starts checking the space for the others.)

YELLOW: Where are they? (beat) Where are you? P-please tell me you didn’t fall.

(He creeps to the edge of the space, peering down over the shelf.)

YELLOW: Oh, no, no, no, no. Are you down there? Are you hurt? Are you close to the radiator? Please don’t be close to the r-radiator.

(Behind him, Red enters. She is sweet and excitable.)

RED: Hi, Yellow!

YELLOW: Ambush!!!

(Yellow shrieks in fear, running around the stage and looking for a place to hide.)

RED: Yellow?

YELLOW: Mayday! Mayday! Run for your lives!

RED: Yellow!

(Yellow freezes in his tracks.)

YELLOW: Wait a second… (beat) I know that v-voice.

RED: It’s only me, Yellow.

(Yellow turns to face Red.)


RED: Yup!

YELLOW: Is it really you?

RED: Of course it’s me.

YELLOW: Not s-some imposer?

RED: Nope.

YELLOW: Oh. (irritated) You s-scared me!

RED: Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.

YELLOW: I could have f-fallen off the edge!

(Red rushes over to Yellow and gives him a great, big hug.)

RED: Your heart is racing!

YELLOW: No, no, no! No touching!

(Yellow pulls out of the hug.)

RED: Why? What’s wrong?

YELLOW: Don’t you know how d-dangerous touching is?

RED: Dangerous? Why?

YELLOW: Why?! Germs, that’s why!

RED: Germs?

YELLOW: (whispering) They’re…they’re everywhere.

RED: I don’t think I have any germs…

YELLOW: That’s what they all think. But those germs, they’re sneaky. They’ll get you. And then…

RED: And then?

YELLOW: And then…sickness.

RED: Sickness?

YELLOW: Coughing. (beat) Sweating. (beat) Ooooooozing.

RED: Oozing?

YELLOW: Ooooooooooooooozing. (beat) The only thing worse than that is melting!

RED: Oh. I didn’t know.

YELLOW: It’s a good thing I w-warned you.

RED: Sorry, Yellow.

YELLOW: It’s all r-right…

RED: Sit down. Relax.

(Red gestures to someplace for Yellow to sit, but Yellow breaks away, pacing across the stage.)

YELLOW: I can’t relax!

RED: Why not?

YELLOW: It’s this meeting!

RED: What about the meeting?

YELLOW: Do you know why Purple wants us all here?

RED: No.

YELLOW: Exactly!

RED: What?

YELLOW: Neither do I! And not knowing always makes me n-nervous!

RED: I’m sure it’s nothing bad.

YELLOW: Oh, you’re sure? You’re sure? Shows how much you know! I’ll bet it’s about
something terrible!

RED: Like what?


RED: Yes?


RED: What?

YELLOW: Like…mosquito bites.

RED: Mosquito bites?

YELLOW: You know. They’re all itchy and awful.

RED: Why would Purple call a meeting to talk about mosquito bites?

YELLOW: I don’t know!

RED: There aren’t any mosquitos here.

YELLOW: Maybe not now. But maybe there’s a whole swarm. They’re coming. They’re headed this way!

RED: I don’t think so.

YELLOW: Maybe it’s scabs.

RED: Scabs?

YELLOW: The way they crinkle and crack your skin. (beat) Or tunafish sandwiches that have been sitting in the sun for hours.

RED: What?

YELLOW: Or needles or spiders or glow-in-the-dark clowns!

RED: Yellow!

Do you know how many horrible things there are out there in the world?

RED: Well, no… (beat) We’ve never really been in…the world. Out there.

YELLOW: Oh! The mind boggles!

RED: I’m sure it’s none of those things, though.

YELLOW: How can you know for sure?


YELLOW: You can’t!

RED: I guess.

YELLOW: Oh, the waiting is going to drive me nuts!

RED: I’m sure we won’t have to wait too long.

YELLOW: Not if the germs get us first.

RED: Germs? Again.

Shhh! They can hear you.


RED: There, you see?

YELLOW: (gasping) What was that? Who goes there? Is that a germ?!

RED: Relax, Yellow. It’s just Blue.

(Blue enters, slumping across the stage.)

RED: Hi, Blue.

BLUE: Oh. Hi.

YELLOW: H-hi, Blue.

BLUE: Uh huh.

(Blue sinks down, letting out a depressed sigh.)

RED: What’s the matter, Blue?

BLUE: It’s nothing.

RED: It’s obviously something.

YELLOW: It’s the germs!

RED: It’s not germs.

YELLOW: It could be!

RED: Yellow!

YELLOW: You don’t know!

BLUE: Stop fighting, you guys!

RED: Sorry. But seriously. What is it? You look a little blue, Blue. (snickering) Get it? Blue-blue?

BLUE: I’m fine. Really. I’m… (sniffling) Fine…

RED: Are you–

YELLOW: Wait for it.

RED: But, I–

YELLOW: Wait for it.

(Red and Yellow lean in, watching Blue. Abruptly, Blue bursts into tears.)

YELLOW: There it is!

RED: Oh, Blue!

(Red rushes over to Blue.)

RED: What’s wrong, Blue? What’s the matter?

BLUE: I was just…

RED: What?

BLUE: I was just…

RED: What?

BLUE: …thinking.

(Yellow gasps in terror.)