Pygmalion and Galatea Cast

PYGMALION: An artist and widower, who still hasn’t quite recovered from the death of his wife
DAEDALUS: A visionary artist and architect who lost his son many years ago
PHOEBE: Pygmalion’s troublesome younger sister; reckless and careless, but ultimately kind
GALATEA: A statue carved by Pygmalion and brought to life by the gods; physically identical to Pygmalion’s dead wife, but with a mind of her own and an intense curiosity and lack of fear
LYSIA: A young princess who is eager to please her father and very creative
COCALUS: The king of Kamikos and father to Lysia
IXION: A rival artist to Pygmalion who was in love with his late wife
APHRODITE: The goddess of love and beauty; can only be seen by Phoebe
GUARD: Played by Cocalus in Act One, played by Ixion in Act Two