Robin Hood: The Panto

Robin Hood Poster

Cast Breakdown

Production History

Dialogue Sample


“It’s a hoot and a holler…as endorsed by the audience’s continued responses…Playwright Jessica Puller uses word puns, political satire, and a magic book to retell a classic with humor.” –Katy Walsh, Chicago Now

“Jessica Puller’s script faithfully follows the expected beats, but more importantly, it captures the fun-loving spirit of the panto.” -Lisa Findley, Centerstage Chicago

“You’d better not expect something like the Ridley Scott or Kevin Reynolds’ versions of the Robin Hood legend—Puller takes a nice big swipe at those.” -Paige Listerud, Chicago Theatre Blog

“The ten merry Piccolo pranksters have contagious fun with a plot that defies everything but laughs.” –Lawrence Bommer, Steadystyle Chicago
“Really. Go. Take the kids. Take anyone who needs a good laugh. For your helping of holiday cheer, this is the genuine article!” -Patricia Simms,

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