Robin Hood: The Panto Cast

ROBIN HOOD: The prince of thieves who robs from the rich and gives to the poor. Should be played by a woman.
BESS: Maid Marian’s nursemaid. In her 50s and full of attitude. Should be played by a man.
ALAN-A-DALE: One half of the comic duo. He plays guitar.
LITTLE JOHN: The other half of the comic duo. Little John is very strong and very stupid.
SCARLET: Robin’s kid cousin. She idolizes Robin Hood and is eager to prove her worth and join the Merry Men.
MAID MARIAN: The sassy heroine of the story. She is much smarter than she lets on.
SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM: The Sheriff and proud of it.
SIR GUY OF GISBOURNE: Prince John’s vile nephew, who is in love with Maid Marian.
SPIRIT 1: A sugary sweet river spirit.
SPIRIT 2: A violent, malevolent river spirit.
PEASANT 1: A poor woman.
PEASANT 2: A woman just as poor as Peasant 1.
WENCH 1: A pastry shoppe worker.
WENCH 2: Wench 1’s supposedly funny friend.
COW: A cow. Everyone calls her Philip, but her real name is Ariadne. She puts up with it.

Actor 1: Robin Hood
Actor 2: Bess
Actor 3: Alan-A-Dale
Actor 4: Little John
Actor 5: Scarlet
Actor 6: Maid Marian
Actor 7: Sheriff
Actor 8: Sir Guy
Actor 9: Spirit 1/Peasant 1/Wench 1/Cow
Actor 10: Spirit 2/Peasant 2/Wench 2/Cow

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