Robin Hood: The Panto Synopsis

It’s a typical day in Sherwood Forest, Alan-a-Dale and Little John returning from a heist with ill-gotten booty for the poor. As usual, Robin’s little cousin, Scarlet, shows up begging to be allowed to join the Merry Men. Unfortunately, according to Robin and his men, she just isn’t good enough yet. Robin himself, however, has become a bit big-headed, allowing his prized cow Philip to do most of his work for him while he’s busy signing autographs. Before Scarlet can protest further, Maid Marian’s nursemaid, Bess, arrives with terrible news! Sir Guy has kidnapped Marian and locked her away in a tower for refusing to marry him (again). Robin and his men hurry off to rescue the maiden. Marian has managed to hold her own against the dim-witted Sheriff and the germaphobic Sir Guy, so it’s easy for Robin to sweep her away.

Enraged by his continued defeats at the hands of Robin Hood, Sir Guy visits the dark forest to consult with two trapped river spirits. They advise him to hold an archery contest in order to trap Robin. Scarlet, who was busy stealing the spirits’ magical artifacts, overhears this and rushes back to Sherwood to inform Robin of the trap. Robin, however, is delighted and decides to compete in the archery contest anyway. Scarlet is feeling dismayed, so Bess advises her to try writing her own adventure stories in a blank book she stole in the dark forest.

At the archery contest, everyone is shocked when Robin suddenly loses and runs away crying. In the confusion, Marian is kidnapped again and Alan and Little John only manage to escape by tricking the Sheriff into a dance contest. Back in Sherwood, the Merry Men tell Bess and Scarlet what’s happened and Scarlet realizes she caused Robin’s defeat by writing about it in the book. The book must be magical! The group test out its powers on the Sheriff, making him fall in love with Bess. They then manage to locate Robin and explain the situation. Robin is devastated to have lost, but Scarlet reminds him that he’s a hero for doing good, not showing off. Hope seems to be restored until the besotted Sheriff lets it slip that Sir Guy plans to have Marian executed!

In the dark forest, Sir Guy asks the river spirits where the Sheriff has gone. The spirits realize that someone has stolen their magical book and they need to use Sir Guy in order to get it back. Meanwhile, the Merry Men are desperately trying to come up with a plan to rescue Marian. Scarlet, eager to help, suggests that it would be easier to crash a wedding than an execution and writes in her magical book that Marian agrees to the marriage. On the other end of the kingdom, Marian is suddenly throwing herself at Sir Guy, insisting that they get married.

Things come into collision in the dark forest. Sir Guy and Marian’s wedding is crashed by the Merry Men. Robin and Scarlet make off with the bride, while the Sheriff is too busy proposing to Bess to notice. The river spirits torment Robin and Scarlet until Scarlet encourages Robin to shoot the magic book. All the spells are broken and Marian falls back in love with Robin. Unfortunately for the Sheriff, he’s already eloped with Bess, but Robin offers him a place as Sheriff of Sherwood Forest. Sir Guy is driven off by Philip, the cow, and Scarlet, for all of her hard work, is finally made one of the Merry Men.

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