Soul Possession Synopsis

SOUL POSSESSION interweaves mythology from across the ancient world, combining stories from Greek, Indian, and Egyptian mythology. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, enters into a wager with Hades, the god of death. They want to know which is stronger, love or death. To settle the matter, they agree to observe three mortal couples.

Down on earth, King Osiris is nervously awaiting the arrival of his new bride, Isis. He’s afraid, since they’re virtual strangers. His friends Orpheus, the musician, and Thintha, a servant, do their best to comfort him. Isis arrives with her sharp-tongued servant, Eurydice. Isis and Osiris meet for the first time and quickly realize they have much in common. They’re both terrified. Meanwhile, a young spirit girl named Kalavati arrives from the kingdom of the gods to dance at the wedding. She and Thintha meet and instantly fall in love. At the same time, Eurydice catches the eye of Orpheus and the two of them begin a flirtation.

For a time, all is right with the three young couples. Isis and Osiris wed, as do Thintha and Kalavati. Orpheus and Eurydice are on their way to betrothal. Hades introduces mayhem for the couples, first in the form of Orpheus’ jealous brother Set. Set kills Osiris, claiming the throne and Isis for himself. Convinced she’s too weak, Isis watches helplessly. Aphrodite intervenes, however, telling her that she must find the strength inside of herself to defeat Set by finding Osiris’ heart.

Meanwhile, Thintha, jealous that Kalavati is attending the feast of the gods, begs her to take him with her. Although it is forbidden, she agrees, hiding him from sight. The god Indra, however, catches them in the act and turns Kalavati to stone, cursing her to remain that way until the palace gardens are destroyed. Devastated, but given hope by Aphrodite, Thintha vows to change her back.

Hades, who has shown more than a little interest in Eurydice, sends a snake to bite her on her wedding day. She dies in Orpheus’ arms. On the advice of Aphrodite, Orpheus vows to rescue her from the underworld.

Isis, Thintha, and Orpheus, under the tyrannical rule of Set, inspire one another, each showing inner strength. Thintha helps Isis puzzle out where Osiris’ heart is hidden. In return, she gives him her royal jewels. Orpheus and Isis travel to the underworld together. Meanwhile, Thintha schemes to break Indra’s curse. He buries Isis’ jewelry in the garden and tricks Set into digging it up, destroying the gardens in the process and freeing Kalavati.

Arriving at the entrance to the underworld, Isis battles the spirit of the Nile to retrieve Osiris’ heart. She brings him back to life. Orpheus journeys on, deep into the land of the dead, where he pleads with Hades to return Eurydice. Hades agrees, on the condition that Orpheus lead her all the way back to the land of the living without looking at her. As they journey back, however, Hades grabs Eurydice from behind. She screams, causing Orpheus to turn around. Hades claims Eurydice as his own, boasting that he’s won the bet. Aphrodite, and the other characters, however, point out that he chose to keep Eurydice because he was in love with her. Thus, although her love for Orpheus did not conquer death, Hades’ love for her was his own downfall. Death itself, Hades, was defeated.

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