The Clumsy Princess Cast

PLAYER QUEEN: The young woman who leads her troupe, King Stephan’s Players.
OLD MAN: An old man in the troupe, fond of morality plays.
OLD WOMAN: An old woman in the troupe, fond of true stories.
BOY: A young boy in the troupe, who enjoys stories about monsters.
YOUNG MAN: A young man in the troupe, who enjoys adventure stories; in love with the Young Woman.
YOUNG WOMAN: A young woman in the troupe, who enjoys love stories; in love with the Young Man.
MOTHER: Prince Stephan’s doting mother.
PRINCE STEPHAN: The prince, later king, of the kingdom; handsome and vain.
FELICITY: Stephan’s loyal jester, who also works in a tavern.
FOREIGN PRINCESS: A foreign princess who doesn’t understand a word of English.
TRANSLATOR: The foreign princess’s servant.
WITCH: A lonely old hag, locked away by Prince Stephan for being too ugly.
PRINCESS TILLY: The clumsy princess; sweet and kind, but extremely clumsy, except when fencing.
PEASANT 1: A female peasant.
PEASANT 2: A male peasant.
RYDELL: A crazed beggar who lost everything.
KALLISTA: A tavern matron and innkeeper.
MERCHANT: A friendly merchant.
THIEF: A thief.
PALACE GUARD: A knight serving Prince Stephan.

ACTOR 1: Young Man and Stephan
ACTOR 2: Player Queen and Felicity
ACTOR 3: Young Woman and Princess Tilly
ACTOR 4: Boy, Translator, Rydell, and Thief
ACTOR 5: Old Woman, Mother, Foreign Princess, Witch, Peasant 1, and Kallista
ACTOR 6: Old Man, Peasant 2, Merchant, and Palace Guard

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