The Creator Production History

February 2006
Penny Penniston’s playwriting students are given the task of selecting a secret from Post Secret and creating a five page scene around this secret. “I am terrified of not existing” is chosen.

March 2006
The first draft of THE CREATOR is written by a very bored college junior at Northwestern with no desire to study for finals.

May 2009
The Beverly Hills Theatre Guild names THE CREATOR first place winner of the 2009 Marilyn Hall Play Competition for Youth Theatre.

June 2009
Apple Tree Theatre announces an Orchard Series event that will feature a reading of THE CREATOR and another piece by a local playwright.

September 2009
THE CREATOR goes up for a reading as part of Apple Tree Theatre’s Orchard series. A second draft of THE CREATOR is written.

November 2009
Four Flags Players requests perusal copy of THE CREATOR.

December 2009
THE CREATOR is approved for production by Four Flags Players.

February 2010
THE CREATOR is selected as one of three scripts to be presented for reading during the PLAYground festival, hosted by the Purple Crayon Players at Northwestern University.

April 2010
THE CREATOR is read at the PLAYground festival.

July 2010
THE CREATOR is listed in the AATE New Play Directory. THE CREATOR also wins the AATE unpublished play reading contest.

September 2010
The Niles Daily Star runs a news article about THE CREATOR.

October 2010
THE CREATOR opens at the Four Flags Players.

June 2014
THE CREATOR is selected to be a reading in the Something Incredibly Marvelous Happens festival of new works, produced by the 20% Theatre Company.

August 2014
THE CREATOR is read during the Something Incredibly Marvelous Happens festival.

May 2016
THE CREATOR is selected by the Three Brother’s Theatre for participation in the annual Waukegan Theatre Festival. Shannon Day is named director.

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