The Creator Sample

Scene 1 – The End

(LIGHTS UP. The setting is a cramped, messy bedroom. It clearly belongs to a girl. There are posters of Lisa Frank unicorns on the walls, and a menagerie of stuffed animals on the bed. The ground is littered with shimmering snatches of fabric, half finished sketches of castles, and a few fantasy novels. ZABRINA sits on the foot of the bed, completely motionless. She appears to be in her teens, very pretty, and wearing an authentic Amazon costume. As she sits completely still, VOICES are heard offstage. They are the voices of SARA and her FATHER.)

FATHER: You’re too old for this stupidity, Sara.

SARA: Leave me alone!

(FOOTSTEPS are heard. The door to the bedroom opens. SARA enters. She is about the same age as ZABRINA, but she appears somewhat homely and her dress is merely jeans and a tee shirt. On her back, she carries a heavy book bag which she drops on the floor. With an angry grunt, she slams the door shut. At once, ZABRINA comes to life. She is very animated and genuine in what she says. First, she notices SARA rubbing her red cheek.)

ZABRINA: What happened?

SARA: Just dad.


SARA: It’s nothing.

ZABRINA: Right! Remember the time Zaynar, the sorrow goddess, put that spell on you and it hurt every time you spoke to Prince Achilleus?

SARA: (listlessly) Yeah. That was bad.

ZABRINA: You kept trying to warn him that Zaynar was plotting with Prince Mordred to take over the castle! And he thought you had a toothache. So finally, instead of talking you just started acting it out! That was so clever, Sara! (pause) What are we going to do today?

SARA: I have to do my calculus homework.

(SARA sits on the floor and pulls out her math textbook. As she attempts to work, ZARBINA dances around her, chattering very excitedly.)

ZABRINA: What about the Castle of the North? We promised Lady Juliet we’d rescue the Moon Pearl from Lord Moldorm. Warrior women always keep their word.

SARA: Not today, Zabrina. Unless Lord Moldorm knows how to find the derivative of three X to the fourth power plus eighteen.

ZABRINA: Twelve X to the third power.

SARA: (surprised) Oh.

(SARA quickly writes out the answer. ZABRINA squeals with joy.)

ZABRINA: You’ve got the answer. Now can we do something? Pleeeeeeeease?

SARA: Zabrina…

ZABRINA: We don’t have to rescue the Moon Pearl today. We could do something else. Let’s see… I know! Let’s go explore the caves of Coonee Mount. I hear that pirates have been stashing their booty in that area. Maybe we could find some!

SARA: Zabrina, please.

ZABRINA: Remember the last haul we found? Ten talents worth of gold coins. But then, the Pirate Queen Esmeralda said you could only keep it if you figured out which coin was really just wood painted gold! So you dropped all the coins in the water and the one that floated was the fake! And we got to keep all the treasure! (proudly) No one outsmarts the warrior women!

SARA: I have to work.

ZABRINA: Being a hero is work too, ya know!

(SARA slams her book shut. She stands up to face ZABRINA.)

SARA: Zabrina, we need to talk.

ZABRINA: Okay! Let’s go to the crystal cove of silence. No one will overhear us there.

(ZABRINA starts heading to the closet. SARA remains motionless.)

SARA: That’s not a crystal cove of silence. That’s my closet.

ZABRINA: (uneasy) Closet?

SARA: This is stupid. There is no crystal cove of silence. There’s no such thing.

ZABRINA: How can you say that, Sara? We’ve gone there a million, billion times before.

SARA: No, we didn’t. (beat) It was just a stupid game.

ZABRINA: Don’t say that…

SARA: None of it really exists. There is no Castle of the North. There is no Prince Achilleus. There is no Moon Pearl.


SARA: None of this is real. You aren’t even real!

(ZABRINA steps back, as if struck.)

ZABRINA: (softly) That’s never bothered you before.

SARA: I’m too old for these stupid games. I think it’s time…it’s time to end it.

(ZABRINA’s face fills with pain. SARA turns away. She begins pulling down the unicorn posters from the walls. ZABRINA holds herself in a growing fear that will consume her throughout the rest of the scene.)

ZABRINA: How can you say that? After everything we’ve been through.

SARA: None of it was real. It was just pretending.

ZABRINA: Just pretending? It didn’t feel that way.

SARA: Of course not. You’re just a stupid part of a stupid daydream.

ZABRINA: I didn’t mean for me. You believed it. You believed in everything we did, I know it.

SARA: No. I didn’t.

ZABRINA: You can’t say that!! You believed! I know you did! Sara, please. Don’t lie to me. You’ve always told me the truth. Don’t lie now. Warrior women always tell the truth. You believed it, all of it!

SARA: (angrily) Well maybe I did! But it’s time for me to grow up, Zabrina. You can’t understand that concept. You can’t grow up when you don’t exist!

(ZABRINA takes another step back, as if struck.)

ZABRINA: Don’t say that. Warrior women don’t –

SARA: (interrupting) We are not warrior women! Warrior women don’t exist!


SARA: You don’t exist!

(Again, ZABRINA seems to be struck.)

SARA: You’re just a stupid phantasm from my stupid imagination! I don’t even know why I’m talking to you! You don’t exist!

(Once more, ZABRINA stands back, struck. SARA turns her back on ZABRINA, taking down the rest of the posters.)

ZABRINA: Are you really going to turn your back on our friendship? (no response from SARA) Sara? (no response) Sara!

(SARA finishes with the posters. She begins to pick up the books on the floor, shelving them one by one on the highest shelf in her closet.)

ZABRINA: Talk to me, Sara, please! Please talk to me! (no response) Please…

(SARA grabs a trashcan and starts picking up the sketches on the floor. She drops them into the can one by one. ZABRINA follows her anxiously.)

ZABRINA: (panicked) You have to talk to me, Sara. I don’t know what will happen if you don’t talk to me. Say something. You can’t just cast me off like that. Not after everything we’ve been through. (beat) Sara…I’m your best friend.

SARA: (softly, without looking at her) I know. But you’re still not real. So it has to end.

(ZABRINA lets this sink in. The LIGHTS slowly begin to FADE.)

ZABRINA: What’s going to happen to me?

SARA: I don’t know.

ZABRINA: I can barely hear you. Please say something to me, Sara. Anything. I’m afraid. (beat) Am I going to die? (tearfully) Sara, don’t let me die. I’m not ready yet. I don’t want to say goodbye. Please talk to me. Say something.

SARA: Goodbye…


ZABRINA: Sara? (beat) Sara!!

Scene 2 – Denial

(LIGHTS UP on THALIA, scanning a clip board. ZABRINA enters in a daze and makes her way over to her. There are folding chairs to one side, unlit. During the course of the scene, ROWAN, BUCK, LEAR, and CAPTAIN GALAXY will enter and sit down in these chairs. POWER GIRL will sit on the floor beside them.)

THALIA: Zabrina?


THALIA: Please state the name of your child companion for the record.


THALIA: We cannot proceed until you state the name for the record.


THALIA: (writing) Zabrina, creation of Sara. Time of death, four fifteen this afternoon.


THALIA: (still writing) Mmmhmmm…

ZABRINA: So I’m dead?

THALIA: Almost. You still have some processing to go through.

ZABRINA: Are you God?

THALIA: (laughing) No. I’m Thalia.

(ZABRINA gives her a blank look. THALIA seems annoyed.)

THALIA: The muse?

(ZABRINA shakes her head.)

THALIA: The muse of playfulness?

ZABRINA: (shrugging) Sorry.

THALIA: What are they teaching children in school today?

ZABRINA: Mostly math. Calculus. (beat) But I never went to school. Sara only played with me at home.

THALIA: Doesn’t matter. Anything your child knows, you automatically know. Therefore, children are not being properly educated in school today because you do not know who I am. (sighing) What is the world coming to?

ZABRINA: I don’t know.

THALIA: That was a rhetorical question.

ZABRINA: Oh. Sorry.

THALIA: Well, Zabrina, creation of Sara, time of death, four fifteen this afternoon, what is your occupation?

ZABRINA: Warrior woman.

THALIA: Hmmm…we’re not seeing many of those lately. How old was your child at time of death?

ZABRINA: Sixteen.

THALIA: (looking up sharply) Sixteen?!


THALIA: Wow. That’s certainly a late age. You’d be amazed how many imaginary friends are dying as early as eight, these days. These are troubled times. It’s such a tragedy for the Creator.

ZABRINA: The Creator?

THALIA: (writing) Mmmhmm…

ZABRINA: Who’s the Creator?

THALIA: That’s a bit of a complicated question.

ZABRINA: Is that God?

THALIA: Perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that the Creator is the God of Imaginary Friends.

ZABRINA: I’ve never heard of the Creator.

THALIA: Now that doesn’t surprise me. No one talks about the Creator in schools. (beat) Or me, anymore. Honestly, how can you not be familiar with the muses? (sighs) All right, Zabrina, I think I have all the information I need for now. You’ll have to do most of the processing for yourself.

ZABRINA: What do you mean by processing?

THALIA: Well, you’re not legally dead yet. You have to work through things first.

ZABRINA: Work through? You mean, like, experiencing grief about being dead?

THALIA: No. Paperwork, actually. Follow me, please.

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