The Death of Robin Hood Cast

ALAN-A-DALE: A wandering minstrel, recently returned to Loxley. In his 20-30s. A vivid storyteller and fighter.
JOHN LITTLE: A boisterous, friendly blacksmith. In his 30s-50s.
LADY MARIAN: The bored wife of the Sheriff. In her 20s-30s, with long hair.
ELLEN SCATHELOKE: Lady Marian’s maid and Alan’s former lover. In her 20s-30s and athletic.
WILL SCATHELOKE: Ellen’s older brother and Alan’s former best friend. In his 20s-30s and an excellent swordsman.
THE SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM: Lady Marian’s hen-pecked husband. Something of a swordsman, in his 30s-50s.

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