The Reluctant Superhero Cast

MARTY LEVENSTEIN (m): A teenage visitor from another planet who is super insecure and just wants to live a normal life; unfortunately, he has superpowers coming out of the wazoo!
WIDOW LEVENSTEIN (u): Marty’s doting mother who wants to protect him, no matter what
SELENA SOMERS (f): A teenage journalism intern who can’t seem to keep her nose clean; she’s also secretly the superhero, Red Justice
HERO MAN (m): Jack Steel, billionaire and a local celebrity superhero who’s more bluster than anything else
HOSTAGE (u): Hero Man’s loveable sidekick whose sole purpose in life is to be a decoy…and loves it
SILAS SYLVESTER (m): An eccentric, billionaire recluse who wants to destroy Marty’s homeworld
SIMPLE SIMON (m): Sylvester’s idiotic minion who falls for Selena
ALICE (f): Hero Man’s loyal maid, who is really the brains behind the whole superhero operation