The Royal Toys Cast

MEG: An uncertain princess who is extremely intelligent, but awkward and clumsy; must be able to roller skate
ANA: The ballerina in Meg’s music box; haughty, vain, graceful,and selfish
HENRI: Meg’s betrothed; a prince who enjoys dancing; must be able to roller skate
COLETTE: The housekeeper assigned to see to Meg’s comfort
LADY GABBY: A gossiping courtier
SIR LAUGH-A-LOT: A gossiping courtier, possibly the court jester
BARON VON BABBLE: A gossiping courtier
BEAR: Meg’s teddy bear; very protective and nurturing
TRAIN: Meg’s toy train; wise and playful; just be able to roller skate
JACK: Meg’s jack-in-the-box; enjoys scaring people
KALEIDOSCOPE: The leader of Meg’s toys; a bossy, overbearing, rule-abiding woman
VENDOR: A merchant selling roller skates
STRONG MAN: A side show performer in the town square
BARD: A storyteller who enjoys scaring people
TOY SELLER: A merchant selling toys

ACTOR 1: Meg
ACTOR 2: Ana
ACTOR 3: Henri
ACTOR 4: Colette, Kaleidoscope, Toy Seller
ACTOR 5: Lady Gabby, Train, Vendor
ACTOR 6: Sir Laugh-A-Lot, Jack, Bard
ACTOR 7: Baron Von Babble, Bear, Strong Man