The Snow Queen Cast

GERDA: The Principal Girl. A shy young thing who gradually grows a backbone in her quest to find her love, Kai.
KAI: The Principal Boy. Normally kind and gentle, a piece of magic mirror in his eye transforms him into a brat.
ERICK: A servant boy, convinced that he knows everything there is to know.
DERICK: A servant boy who adores Erick and believes him to be a font of wisdom.
DAME: Gerda’s grandmother, who tells stories of the Snow Queen; played by a male actor.
SNOW QUEEN: An evil enchantress who wants to claim Kai as her own.
TROLL: The Snow Queen’s loyal servant.
CROW: A talking crow, eager to help Gerda defeat the Snow Queen.
SNOWY: A snow bee.
ICY: A snow bee.
FROSTY: A snow bee.
PA: The patriarch of a family of robbers; not too bright.
MA: Pa’s loving wife.
DESDEMONA: Ma and Pa’s daughter, exceedingly interested in self-improvement.

Actor 1: Gerda
Actor 2: Kai
Actor 3: Erick
Actor 4: Derick
Actor 5: Dame
Actor 6: Snow Queen
Actor 7: Troll
Actor 8: Crow
Actor 9: Snowy/Pa
Actor 10: Icy/Ma
Actor 11: Frosty/Desdemona

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