The Snow Queen Synopsis

Servants Derick and Erick meet up for their daily lesson. Today, Derick is teaching Erick about abstract nouns. Gerda joins them, excited that her beloved Kai is coming for a visit. Her grandmother, the Dame, hurries along after Gerda, attempting to beautify her before Kai arrives. Gerda is concerned, however, because whenever Kai visits, she completely freezes up and has nothing to say to him. The Dame offers to help.

Outside of town, a disgruntled troll is collecting pieces of the magic mirror which he accidentally broke. The Snow Queen supervises his work, quite upset with him. She will not let him rest until he has found every last sliver of glass. As they are talking, Kai walks by. The Snow Queen is instantly taken with him and sends her snow bees to find out who he is and where he comes from.

Kai arrives at Gerda’s household. She greets him awkwardly and the two of them attempt to make conversation. The Dame comes in with a mirror and tweezers to help Gerda out, not expecting to find Kai there. To ease the tension of the situation, she tells them the story of the Snow Queen, whose magic mirror distorts people’s reflections, making them look vile and evil. After she leaves, Kai and Gerda attempt to flirt, but neither one can truly express their feelings. He gives her a rose. The snow bees enter to observe, the Troll chasing after them, angrily rebuffing them for blowing away the shards of mirror. As Kai and Gerda admire the pretty snow, a shard of mirror flies into Kai’s eye. To him, Gerda suddenly appears vile and disgusting and he leaves her.

He comes upon the Snow Queen and is instantly drawn to her, finding her gloriously beautiful. She realizes that his heart has turned to ice because of the shard of mirror. The Troll warns her of Gerda and the Snow Queen charges him with a new task; he must keep Gerda from ever finding Kai again. Back in the village, Gerda is heartbroken. As the Dame tries to comfort her, a crow who saw the whole thing arrives. He explains that Kai has been taken away by the Snow Queen, cursed by the shard in his eye to only love that which is cold. Gerda vows to rescue him and the Dame, Derick, and Erick won’t be left behind.

The Troll dresses up as an old woman and greets Gerda and her entourage along the road. He manages to trick the Dame into purchasing a magical comb. She uses it on Gerda who immediately forgets who Kai is and what they’re doing. The Crow arrives and suggests that they find something connected to Kai. After a few ridiculous guesses, Derick finds a rose on the Troll’s cart and shows it to Gerda. She remembers Kai and bounds off to save him. She comes along a family of robbers, counting their losses after a disastrous theft-gone-wrong. They rob her of her possessions, including the magical comb. Desdemona, the robbers’ daughter, decides that she wants a new playmate, so Gerda is tied up with a leash and brought along with them.

Elsewhere, the Snow Queen is fawning over Kai. Kai, however, is completely bored and wants to leave her palace. She finally tells him that he can leave once the ice spells out the word “eternity.”

Meanwhile, the captive Gerda is questioned by Desdemona about her origins. Gerda tells her about Kai, but Desdemona begins brushing her hair with the magical comb, so each time she hears Kai’s name, she has no idea who he is. Gerda gradually realizes what the magical comb does. The other robbers run in, alarmed that a group of strangers have entered their territory. By their descriptions, Gerda realizes that it’s the Dame and the boys and warns the robbers that they are the fiercest band of thieves in the world. Scoffing at the competition, the robbers decide to meet with them, bringing Gerda along. The robbers challenge Gerda’s friends to a contest, to see who can pull off the most impressive robbery.

A few hours later, the robbers return, having stolen the hearts of the audience. It appears that they’ve won the contest, since the others are empty handed. Gerda laments that she’ll never be able to rescue her beloved Kai. Using some backhanded comment of the Dame’s, she tricks Desdemona into brushing her hair with the comb. She then mentions Kai again and Desdemona doesn’t know who she’s talking about. Gerda proves herself the greatest of all robbers because she’s stolen Desdemona’s memory. Gerda and her friends are declared the winners. The Crow leads the group to the palace of the Snow Queen. Unfortunately, the Troll is standing guard but with the Crow’s magic and the power of Gereda’s love, the Troll is defeated.

Gerda and her friends arrive in the palace and find Kai. He has no real interest in them, which causes Gerda to cry. The Dame realizes that the only way to get the shard of ice out of Kai’s eyes is to make him cry. Derick, Erick, and the Dame each attempt to make him sad. The Dame’s attempt, however, causes him to laugh. They decide that it might work if they get him to laugh so hard that he cries. They have the audience chant funny words until, eventually, Kai laughs so hard that he cries. The shard is washed out of his eyes and he remembers his love for Gerda!

The happiness is cut short with the return of the Snow Queen. She gloats that, although they have freed Kai from the shard, they have not freed him from the palace and he cannot leave until he spells the word “eternity” in the ice. Each member of the party makes a different attempt at it, messing up the palace in the process. The Snow Queen is thoroughly annoyed. When they all fail to do it, they all agree that they’ll just have to stay in the palace forever with Kai. The Snow Queen cannot stand that idea. Fortunately, Gerda uses the shard of the mirror from Kai’s eye to carve out the word. The Snow Queen is forced to surrender Kai. The Dame, noting how flustered she looks, offers her the comb to “straighten up a bit.” Together at last, Gerda asks Kai to marry her. He is baffled, but accepts.

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