The Swansong Synopsis

Jeff Jeffrey welcomes all of the guests to the opening night gala for Swan Lake. Before the performance, he hopes the guests will enjoy an exclusive meal with many members of the company. He introduces Brendan, an up and coming composer whose work, The Ice Princess, will be featured as the next ballet in the season. Julia breezes in, followed by Malcolm, demanding that she be introduced. When Jeff does an insufficient introduction, Julia introduces herself, claiming that she will be playing the lead in Brendan’s ballet. Brendan is none to happy with this, but Jeff reminds him that Julia brings in patrons, which means money.

Selene arrives, wearing one of Julia’s dresses. Julia calls her out on it, demanding that Selene go change. Selene uses emotional blackmail, evoking their dead parents, until Julia relents and allows her to wear the dress, and the jewels as well. Jeff cannot help but gawk at the riches. Left holding her coat, Selene dumps it on Christine, who has just arrived, hoping to meet Brendan so she can score an audition. Christine complains to Jeff, for the millionth time, that she is a dancer, not a gopher, but Julia makes her take all the coats anyway.

Jeff encourages all the members of his company to go mingle with the guests. Julia, however, stubbornly refuses. She insists that Jeff is not paying her enough to mingle with the common people and that she’ll do no more of his bidding unless he agrees to the pay raise she demanded a few weeks ago. Jeff says they’ll discuss it later. Just then, a fuse is blown. Jeff sends Christine to fetch Denise, the lighting technician for the company. When Denise arrives, she and Julia have a catty little spat. It seems that Julia wants Denise fired for making her look old on the stage. Denise counters that her work is pure art. Jeff finally steps in. All of it will be settled later. For now, he has Denise start fixing the lights while everyone else enjoys their first course.

Denise has more or less torn apart the lighting fixture in an attempt to fix it. Exposed wires are everywhere, which she and Malcolm address scientifically. Meanwhile, everyone seems to be rubbing Julia the wrong way. She complains to Malcolm about how hard it is to be her, but then concludes he couldn’t possibly understand as he is nothing more than a hulking mass of muscle with the sole purpose of keeping her alive. There is evidence to the contrary, however, when Brendan arrives and he and Malcolm engage in a brief exchange about the artistry of The Ice Princess. Julia interrupts it however, to send Malcolm to fetch her a drink and once again demand the title role of Brendan. When Brendan refuses to grant her the role, she throws her drink in his face.

Splattered by some of her own drink, Julia beckons Christine, demanding that she mop up the mess. Once again, Christine reminds her that she is a dancer. Julia belittles her, saying that as long as she’s in the company, Christine will never perform on stage. Jeff arrives with Selene on his arm to break up the fight. He sends Christine after a bucket of water and a mop to clean up the floor. Selene begs some money of Julia so that she might make get a manicure, since she just chipped a nail. Julia resists until Selene once again brings up their dead parents. After Julia relents, she turns angrily on Jeff, insisting that he raise her salary so that she can afford her expensive sister.

Christine returns with the mop and bucket and starts cleaning up the mess. Brendan follows her on and admits that he would like her to audition for the title role in his ballet, if it weren’t for Julia. Julia complains about this to Jeff, who in turn, threatens Brendan. The lot of them get into a shouting match, which is interrupted by Selene returning for more money. Julia insists that Malcolm get rid of all of them. Just then, however, Denise accidentally blows the lights. In the darkness, there is a splash, followed by an electrical sound. When the lights come back on, Julia is dead, apparently from being electrocuted after someone doused her with the bucket of water and threw her into the exposed wires. The others are left to solve the mystery!

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