The Trojan War

The Trojan War Poster

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A TYA version of this script is available. It is suitable to be performed either for or by children. The title of the TYA version of the script is THE ABSOLUTELY (ALMOST) TRUE STORY OF THE TROJAN WAR. Contact the playwright for more information.

“Most of the 80 minute show displays a flippant, comedic tone before giving way to somber contemplation of the horrors and atrocities of war. The tone shift is jarring, as one assumes it’s supposed to be. Either way it’s a success. The jokes lure us into relaxing, then the play punches us in the stomach.” –Rory Leahy, Centerstage

“This is a clever and thoughtful script…” — Rory Leahy, Centerstage

“By making these demi-gods and semi-mortals speak in slang as vernacular as an MTV special, Puller makes it feel non-negotiably relevant, a cautionary tale for our own ridiculous invasions.” — Lawrence Bommer, Chicago Theatre Beat (three out of four stars)

“Playwright Jessica Puller does a great job streamlining the comprehensive Greek myth. She uses four main characters to narrate their versions of the events leading up to the war. Within these recollections, the four actors take on other personas for the reenactments. For the extensive gods-goddesses-mortals stories within stories, Puller keeps the mythology lessons simple in bite-size slices. Puller sets this clever adaptation into a contemporary framework. The platform for all the reminiscing is that the goddesses now have an audience… us, the theatre crowd.” — Katy Walsh, Chicago Now

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