Women Who Weave Cast

ATALANTA: A young girl. Around twelve, but may be played by an adult.
MOTHER: Atalanta’s mother. Very supportive and with a wonderful sense of humor.
MELEAGER: Atalanta’s best friend. The same age as Atalanta.
IASUS: A rich boy. Slightly older than Meleager and Atalanta.
LACHESIS: The weaver. Appears to be in her 30s. Spokeswoman of the Fates.
ATROPOS: The cutter. Appears to be in her late 60s. An imposing figure.
CLOTHO: The spinner. Appears to be in her early teens. Very energetic.
ODYSSEUS: The king of Ithica. Late 30s.
EURYKLEIA: An old nurse. In her late 60s.
LEODES: A suitor of Penelope.
ANTINOOS: A suitor of Penelope.
MESSENGER: A servant of Menelaus.
PHAEDRA: A princess of Crete. In her late teens.
PASIPHAE: The Queen of Crete. In her late 50s.
MINOS: The King of Crete. In his late 50s.
THESEUS: An Athenian prince. Very handsome. In his early 20s.
MINOTAUR: A monster, half man and half bull. Great physical prowess.
PROCNE: Princess of Athens. Early 20s.
NORTHERNER: A messenger from far away.
TEREUS: King of the North.
SERVANT: An old woman in the service of Tereus.
ZEUS: King of the gods.

ACTOR 1: Atalanta
ACTOR 2: Mother and Lachesis
ACTOR 3: Atropos, Eurykleia, Pasiphae, and Servant
ACTOR 4: Clotho, Messenger, Phaedra, and Procne
ACTOR 5: Meleager, Odysseus, Leodes, Theseus, Northerner, and Zeus
ACTOR 6: Iasus, Antinoos, Minos, Minotaur, and Tereus

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