The Creator Cast

ZABRINA: Sara’s imaginary friend. Very brave. Highly energetic.
SARA: A young girl coming from an abusive home. She ages throughout the play.
FATHER: The disembodied voice of Sara’s father. May be played by the actor who plays Lear.
THALIA: The processing director of the afterlife. A Greek muse.
ROWAN: Denial. A fairy in deep denial about her death.
LEAR: Anger. The angriest clown in the world.
BUCK: Bargaining. A cowboy who speaks with a Southern accent.
CAPTAIN GALAXY: Depression. A space pilot who spends most of the play crying.
POWER GIRL: Acceptance. A super hero at peace with her own death.
STUDENTS: Sara’s classmates. Non-speaking. Can be played by the imaginary friends.

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