The Creator Synopsis

Sara and Zabrina swore that they would be friends forever. It came as quite a shock, when Sara returned from school one day and announced that she no longer wanted to see Zabrina. Frightened, Zabrina – an imaginary friend – desperately asked Sara why. Sara explained that she no longer had time for nonsense and make believe, especially since her abusive father had no more patience for her. Afraid, Zabrina asked what would become of her, but at that moment, Sara ceased talking to her best friend forever.

Suddenly, Zabrina finds herself in a limbo between worlds, being processed in a waiting room for dead imaginary friends. Under the direction of Thalia, the muse of playfulness, Zabrina navigates the five stages of grief, represented by five other imaginary friends who have all met their undoing at the hands of “ungrateful children.” As she travels through denial, anger, depression, and bargaining, Zabrina reflects back on her life with Sara, all the while dreading her final encounter with an entity called “The Creator,” a deity of imaginary friends.

It is only when she is able to find some acceptance that she is able to go back one more time to say goodbye. Although Sara can no longer see Zabrina, Zabrina realizes that she will always be a part of Sara’s life. With renewed courage, Zabrina returns to Thalia and is introduced to The Creator who turns out to be Sara herself. After all, all children with imaginary friends are creators.

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