The Snow Queen Production History

May 2011
The first draft of THE SNOW QUEEN is written.

June 2011
Citadel Theatre selects THE SNOW QUEEN for their young ensemble.

August 2011
Auditions are held for the youth ensemble. Marc Frost is named director.

September 2011
The second draft of THE SNOW QUEEN is written.

October 2011
Rehearsal for THE SNOW QUEEN begin.

December 2011
THE SNOW QUEEN opens, running for two nights.

December 2012
THE SNOW QUEEN is taken into consideration for production at the Piccolo Theatre.

January 2013
THE SNOW QUEEN is chosen for production in the 2013-14 season at the Piccolo. The third draft is written.

July 2013
Rich Maisel is brought on board to write songs. Nicole Keating is named director.

September 2013
Rehearsals for THE SNOW QUEEN begin at the Piccolo Theatre.

November 2013

December 2013
THE SNOW QUEEN closes after a five-week run.

February 2014
THE SNOW QUEEN is picked up by Playmakers of Baton Rouge.

December 2014
THE SNOW QUEEN opens for a seven-show run.

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